Updating Site and fixing old articles

I didn’t realize I had so many posts/articles on here. I spent around 5 hours this morning going through and repairing old entries and giving them featured images and such. I didn’t use thumbnails in the olden days of this site, so thumbnails never existed.

I have most of them fixed, but some just don’t have any images at all in the entries to even make thumbnails out of. I’ll probably make graphics for them sometime, not sure. A bit tired of working on it now.

Also, I started the long process of moving nearly all my video files from commietube to Rumble. So most articles that featured videos should display Rumble hosted videos, if any at all. Unless, they are articles featuring songs by Eminem or Manson.

I plan on leaving the site open, just seems weird and narcissistic to have a site about me, and I cringed alot going back through all the articles and seeing all the selfies and shit I posted. I rarely ever do that now, but maybe I should get back into it? ha nothing wrong with loving yourself? I dunno, i might just be too old for that shit now. But i do want a single site to post all my stuff, I’ve been posting articles on Grunch, and photos and shit on BoredWorks, but I’m over it. We’ll see what happens.

Anyways, the site is up!

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