March 10th, 2023 Note:

This “about me page” hasn’t been updated in almost 10 years. Hardly any of its embeds work, and none of the content is accurate anymore. I’ll work on updating this page someday when i care about this sort of thing again. I have created a LINKS page that’ll have links to all my social media and whatever.

Last Updated: September 1st, 2013

About Me

Brief info summary… thing:
Born: Feb. 8, 1984.
Home Town: Wichita, Kansas.
Likes: Music, Stuff, and other things.
Enjoys: Stuff, and other Things.
Does: Stuff, and other things.
Has: A cat.
Sleeps: Tiredly.
Drinks: Liquidized Substances.
Eats: Stuff and other things.
Has: A nice blue shiny hat!
Hates: Fat chicks (kidding i love you mommy)


Alright this page is going to be about me. I”m not sure what to put on it, but I”ll ramble some things real quick.

I will be updating and adding to this page quite often. It’s about me, so its an ever changing and expanding story right? Ha. So I put and “Last Updated” strip at the top of this page, and I’ll change the date whenever the site is edited.

When you first see this site, you might think that I’m “gothic” or into the major “punk” thing, but I”m neither. I really hate to put a label on anything since we”re all really different and unique. I really don”t think one person cant fit into just any single category or label.

I can say that I”m not really into the “dark stuff”. I just really like the way the black and red looks together, and I think the entire skull/face thing looks kinda cool. I like it.

The grunge fonts look awesome as well.

I pretty much am just myself.

I was born on February 8th 1984 in Wellington, Kansas. Even though i was born there, i grew up mostly in Wichita, which is the place i claim as my home town.


>> Music <<

I probably love music more than I love anything else. I couldn”t imagine living without music. Music seems to connect me to my soul or whatever if that makes any sense.

My favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Green day, Rob Thomas = Matchbox Twenty, My Chemical Romance. I even love some Britney Spears Songs. P!nk, Nsync… The list goes on and on. I just love music!

A song that kinda describes me, and a song that i really love is “Basket Case” by Green Day (awesome band). I even use the nickname bAskEt cAsE sometimes.

You can actually see what music I listen to via my Last.FM profile.






My current favorite song though is “Running To The Edge of The World” by Marilyn Manson, LOVE this song!

I”m into all sorts of art. I love Photography, painting, singing, song writing, etc. I created this site so that I”ll have a place to put all the art that i choose to create and share, all in one place rather than all the social networking sites, etc. There are too many of them worry about, so having my very own place, under my own control is perfect.




-+ Tech +-

I am a huge geek, as if you haven”t noticed. After all I did manually create my very own website. ha.

I write sometimes about tech/computer related stuff. I guess I am a nerd/geek in the sense that i do love computers, gadgets, and things like that, but really – what guy doesn”t?

I suppose over the years of using computers daily, I”ve became fairly knowledgeable about them (who hasn”t). Things like creating this site and the graphics, I”ve never went to design or IT schools, just learned from experience, which i think is the best way to learn anything. From time to time I”ll write reviews of gadgets, or software and post them on the site, along with tips. I’ll also try to help anyone who needs help with something web or computer related, so don”t be afraid to ask. :D
As long as you aren’t my mom and continuously downloads spyware and viruses, i should be able to help you. If you are like her, then there is no hope, and I don’t even want to attempt in helping you, because it’ll most likely keep happening over and over and over and over again, and i’ll end up going insane, more weird, and pull my hair out! ~x( :mad: ha. kidding :-J , but seriously :|

What I use:
So I suppose I should write the kinda tech/computer stuff I use, and what i used to design this site with? In case anyone is wondering for some reason??!

I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 as my main OS, well really as my only OS.

Photoshop CS5 For graphics, and picture editing.

Dreamweaver CS5 for some site coding, but mostly for live preview, most of the code i do myself, i find that Dreamweaver kinda screws it up when I allow it to do it.

I use Windows Live Messenger as my main messenger on the computer. I have Trillian Astra or Digsby open, and use them for all the other clients (yahoo, aim, icq, etc).

I use Windows Media Player 12 for all my music listening to pleasures. Sometimes I use it for video playing, but usually I use VLC media player to watch movies (in digital format, mpeg, mkv, etc), which i recommend to anyone. For watching regular DVD’s I prefer to use WinDVD mainly because I love how it sharpens the images, and up scales,samples them to High definition, which looks much better.

For web browsing I use the latest FireFox broswer.


// About The Site: \\\\

I created this site to post all of my personal content onto; my own personal place on the web. I really dislike all of the social networks, and I don’t want to post anything on them. The TOS, Private Policies, and who owns content is enough to chase me away. Plus I just love having my own open place to do with whatever I want.

I created almost everything you see on this site: Graphics, source coding, etc. Unless otherwise stated. Actually, I’m not too sure if I want to take credit for the source coding. I did create the templates which have proper coding, but I use WordPress to power this site, and Live Writer to publish to it, and they do a shitty job with the coding. They use alot of old fashioned basic html, which is messy in itself, and other weird things which I hate :mad: <—most of the emoticons i did not make though! :P
umm, but yea most of the coding is my work.



contact me: You can contact me via email (posted below) or by signing my guestbook.


BTW, if the link below doesnt show, then javascript is disabled in your browser. You”ll need to enable it. spam protection :P


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