Setting up gallery!

I’ve been posting my pictures in the normal blog post format, but I’ve always found it to be ugly and not very navigable. Certain didn’t have the gallery type feel. I am still tryin to find a way to edit the templates so that it looks like a gallery on the picture sections, but that could be a long ways away because I simply don’t know how to do it

I use wordpress as the main CMS on the site, and its been very hard to find any decent gallery plugins for it. Most of them are just embed slideshows, which are silly, and not at all what I’m wanting. I want the gallery to have a gallery like layout, with albums, pictures and the ability to comment on them individually.

I have many separate scripts on the site, such as the guestbook script, (which I have easily and nicely integrated with the site}, so I figured I could go ahead and do this with the gallery.

I have the gallery set up right now at , but it doesn’t have the site’s feel and appearance on it yet. I’ll work on that later. Right now im really just messing with it and seeing how I like it. I’m using the gallery 3 script which can be found at . I like it a lot so far.

The skinning system looks weird at first, but im sure before too long I’ll have it using the site’s layout, and no one will be the wiser that it’s a separate script.

There is a wordpress plugin for it, but it only lists and displays some pictures in a non attractive way really, mostly looks like cheap embedding. I’d actually prefer to manually post pictures as I have been doing than use the plugin.

The only real big disadvantage that I can think of is now there will be no more alerts when new pictures are added in the update bar thing on top of the site. I think this can be resolved kinda by using the RSS output feeds the gallery creates. So it may be fine.

Anyways, feel free to naviate the gallery, and comment on pictures and all that good stuff Open-mouthed smile

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x