Tech Tip: Easily Update and Swap DLSS Versions (Steam Games only)

Many gamers are now familiar with Nvidia’s DLSS, which stands for “Deep learning super sampling”. It pretty much just makes games look extra sharp and smooth, without a big effect on performance and FPS.

Only a few years ago DLSS was new, and very buggy, but it was still way better than the alternative options, such as simple TAA, which was horrible in games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. DLSS is quickly improving, and it seems like other every week or month a new version has came out, which fixes bugs such as trails behind moving options in RDR2.

Sometimes it it can months for game developers to include the newer and improved DLSS versions in their game updates. You could always manually download updated versions of DLSS, and copy them into your games directory yourself, but this can be time consuming, especially if you play alot of games that use DLSS. And also, some newer versions of DLSS are buggy in certain games, so manually monitoring and controlling all of that can be a headache.

If you want to do it the manual route, the site has all the latest DLSS files that are free to download.

But, if you prefer the easier way, there is a FREE program in the Microsoft store called “DLSS Swapper”. DLSS swapper can scan your computer for all the games that use DLSS, tell you which DLSS versions they use, and give you an option to upgrade or downgrade the DLSS versions automatically. I basically just update all the games to the latest version, which is easy and requires two clicks on a drop down menu per game.

If the game has an issue with the newer version of DLSS, easily change it via the drop down menu again.

I love this tool. It’s also great for even learning of Newer DLSS releases without having to manually visit websites such as TechPowerUp.

Edit: I just learned that this tool only works for games in your Steam Library, so you will have to use the manual route for non steam games. Hopefully the developers apply to several client libraries soon.

**Special Note: revalidating or even updating a games files via Steam, will reset the DLSS version back to the one the developers included, so you will be downgraded. DLSS Swapper is also handy for checking to see if that happened without you knowing, which it has several times for me.

My DLSS Swapper game library. I didn’t have to manually add any games, it does it automatically.
Selecting DLSS Version for Modern Warfare 2022 beta, which is already using latest version.
DLSS Version Library. You do have to manually click the download button to download the version to your PC, but then it’s as simple as selecting the version per game via the drop down.

You can download DLSS Swapper for free from the Microsoft Store, Or from GitHub.

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