This photo enhancing AI stuff is pretty cool!

I got bored last night and randomly decided to download a few AI Photo enhancing programs, not expecting much, but was instantly blown away.

The programs take old low pixel photos, blow them up, and sharpen them alot. I was surprised that they actually work.

Works great especially on older digital photos from the early 2000s which have super low pixels.

For example, this photo of myself from 2001. Not only was it taken with a less than 1mp early digital camera, it was dark, but the program had no problem enlarging and sharpening it:


Pretty impressive!

It also cleaned up an old photo scan of me from my old 1998 middle school photo id, which I didn’t expect to work:

On many photos, it seems I need to manually go into photoshop and clean them up first, and then let the AI enhance it, because it doesn’t do a good job with dust, scratches, and particles on the photos. and doesn’t do anything at all with lighting.

It does great on super old photos as well. I used a combination of AI software to clean up this next photo of my great grandparents.

Went from this:

Like I said, this is all automatic. I’m sure that if I were to manually do some cleaning and tuning, they’d look even better, but for being auto ai enhancing and coloring, this is pretty good.

This current program doesn’t do well with landscapes and photos of non faces, but it doesn’t do too bad.
For example, this old tiny pixelated photo of the sky (I didn’t even see the birds in the original):

Like I said, this current program was designed to enhance faces, which it does a VERY good job at.

I’m going to test more of these AI programs and see what can be done, but it’s all very promising.

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