Should be illegal…

Someone should make it illegal for me to purchase domains or digital video games. I keep buying so many of them, which is rarely play or do anything with.

Steam keeps having alot of game sales lately, and i keep finding domains that i find interesting, which at the time i get excited about and think that i’ll create cool websites for them.

The games I have recently bought are: Bioshock Infinite, Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Deux Ex: Human Revolution, Infestation Survival Stories (formally War Z), Mirror’s Edge, Mount and Blade: Warband, Natural Selection 2, Sleeping Dogs, War Of the Roses, Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Medal Of Honor, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, ARMA 3, and some others that i don’t care enough to write about.

I did buy many of these games on sale, so i didn’t pay full retail, but any price is too much for a game i probably wont play. WarZ is a game not worth playing, it’s nothing like DayZ, so the close to retail price i paid for that was a pure waste. I’m actually really excited to play Bioshock Infinite though.

Domains on the other hand, well I’m not too sure if they are a complete waste, because i usually end up selling domains for much more than i paid for them, so they’re more of an investment. But, Many of them i buy thinking i’ll develop them, which i rarely ever do. Even if i really really wanted to develop them into websites, I have too many sites already, so it’d be nearly impossible to build them up with content. I don’t even keep my own personal site joshx active. Which i should.

I recently bought a few 10+ year old domains, which are, These are both random domains i’ve came across on GoDaddy Auctions. I usually browse 10+ year old domains in the closeout/expired auctions, which don’t require a monthly Subscription to use. The reason i look for aged domains is because many domainers find age to add great value to a domain, so even if the domain itself isn’t that great, the age could really help improve its value.

I got because it sounded like it could be a great domain to create a website/community for people who like Survival games, such as Dayz, Dead Linger, Minecraft, etc. And possible even create role playing journals on there, will people can keep logs, and small journals about their days in the game. I haven’t got much around to setting it up yet, but i think this one i may end up keeping. is a new one i just got. I thought i could write about all games on this one, but as i went to set it up, i realized that I could easily just write about games on, so i’ll probably just sell that one off in the future. I do play alot of games, but i’m not obsessed or anything, so i wouldn’t have much content to add to it between JoshX and Survivor Talk.

I thought I had many more domains than I actually have. I have sold so many off in the past few months, i’m down to less than 10 now, Which is great news.

The next game i’ll be buying is Battlefield 4, but i think i need to greatly improve my PC by that time, which is less than a month. I want to save up and get a Nvidia GTX 780 at least, which would allow me to run the game pretty smoothly. Currently i have a 560ti, and i really don’t think it’ll cut it. I can play bf3 on high gfx settings, but it still stutters sometimes. But the 780 is $600+, and im not sure if i wannt invest that much, but maybe i don’t have another choice.

It really is just about time i save up and buy a new computer entirely, this one i had since 2009, which i upgraded all the hard drives, memory, PSU, and GFX on, so the only original part is probably the DVD Rom, and motherboard and CPU, which is the first i7 920, which still runs just fine for me, and it doesn’t seem like there is much to upgrade to, at least not that makes it worth the price value.

Anyways, i figured i’d write this random post, ha. add some needed content to the site.

I’ll try to start writing on here alot more.





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