Cycling is dangerous!

I’ve been cycling to work every day since March, trying to get into shape, was doing good, until recently…

I’ve racked up well over 700 miles cycling at least 14 miles 4 days a week during my cycling so far this year, which is pretty good considering I hadn’t ridden a bike really but may be a few miles every 5 year or so since I was a kid.

I use an app called CycleMeter to track my mileage and time. Which I subscribe to, and highly recommended to others.

721 miles to date
721 miles to date


I actually find it very soothing and relaxing. At first It really sucked, and i could barely make it one trip without being exhausted, but now its meh, easy and i love.

It makes me want to get a motorcycle, so I can get the same peaceful solitude, but at a much faster, and less tiring way.

I’ve gone through 3 cheap bicycles in those months, and finally settled with a nice Road bike over the heavy mountain bikes. The road bike has really thin tires which creates less friction on the road and allows me to speed faster.

All was going well until last week. It was a good day, wasn’t very windy, i had no extra weight on my bike, so i was going pretty fast.

I turned off the highway to the drive way to work when suddenly my bike slide over. I was going simply too fast for the skinny road tires on the bike.

I ended up with a really nasty road rash. It got my right leg, knee, forearm, and hand.

The forearm and hand wounds were the worst, and i’d say the hand wound itself was the deepest. nearly a week later and its still giving me trouble, but all is healing fine.

I know people have worse wrecks, and injuries. But this was pretty big for me because i pride my self on being a decent noob cyclist, and its the first time i’ve wrecked a bicycle since I was a tiny kid!

The GPS is a little funny, Shoes my usual track, and my crash track :P

I don’t cycle with a helmet on, and usually the head seems to protect itself from falls, and if i did somehow get into a wreck (which are very rare to begin with) a flimsy bicycle helmet wouldn’t give me much protection anyways.

I usually ride on a highway with no shoulders.

The part about this that pisses me off, is i just ordered brand new shoes for $70 online, and when i wrecked, the asphalt ate through the shoe, sock and got my pinkie toe. So now my brand new shoes, which i love, have a hole in them. AHH!

No real point to this post, just DONT TURN SO FAST FELLA!

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