Can’t stop playin Battlefield 3! Addicted!

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I haven’t been posting much on here during the past few weeks. I can’t seem to stop playing Battlefield 3. This game is simply amazing, and i am completely addicted to it, so I don’t have much time or care to do anything else but play it.
I copied this from South Park (changed the last part though Smile with tongue out), but I’ve been saying “I Don’t eat or sleep or mow the lawn, I just play BF3 all day long!”.. ha.

I can’t remember a time when I actually loved a video game, or anything in that matter as much as I do Battlefield 3. I LOVED Battlefield Bad Company 2, and played the crap out of it, as you can see on my BC2 stats page. But BF3 is something way more amazing.

Battlefield 3 takes everything I loved about BC2, such as the realistically paced game speed,  the amazing battlefield environment, team work, and purposeful feeling, and made it so much better, bigger, and even more epic.

The major thing I hate about games such as Modern Warfare and other Call Of Duty games is that there really isn’t any skill involved, you basically just run around shooting whatever, and getting kills, and being killed yourself. No tactical or strategic thinking is involved, and It’s not much fun. Bf3 is probably the opposite of MW3.

The graphics in Bf3 are simply amazing as well. It makes me feel like I used to feel back when I was a kid and would play with my toy action figures, it’s hard to explain really. Almost as if its like watching a interactive CG animated movie. It’s a really great experience.

Here are some screenshots I’ve taken of the game, mind you these are the best graphics, I allow Bf3 to adjust my graphic settings automatically, which it places everything on high, and 16xaa. So the graphics can look much better if you have a much more powerful GPU. I run it on a EVGA Geforce GTX 560 ti SC., which is just fine for me.

I usually play the Support Class, because I’m such a bad that I miss so many targets, and with the a support class you usually get guns that can hold 200+ rounds in each magazine, so you have a lot of ammo to work with. But I’ve already unlocked everything in the Support Class, so I’ve started playing the Assault which is meh, okay. I really like how the weapons are way more accurate, and I can actually use my sights and target something across the distance and hit it, which you can’t really do easily with support.

Another cool thing about BF3 are the jets! But I’ve given up trying to master them. I play with them every now and then for the hell of it, but my Kill/Death ratio gets screwed up and negative when I attempt to pilot, so blah!

As you can see in the following video, I am not a very good jet pilot at all, ha.


If you would like to play a game with me, my battelog and soldier name is basketcase.
my BF3 stats are here:

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12 years ago

I love BF3 also it’s so f*cking dope!!! I lost my job because of that game lol!

11 years ago

Dude, the guy I like(d) is addicted to this game too. I held off on getting it while I finished school then I played it with him for a few weeks at the beginning of this summer. Now I don’t have a computer to play with him and I never talk to him any more. He barely gets on steam any more and when he does he doesn’t talk to me. He’s been playing since it came out and he’s near the top of the leader boards…. He’s wasted so much time on this game and his life is just rotting away. I don’t know what to do since I know how addictive games can be (I had to quit a few other mmo’s after I got too into them.) I still care for him and hate seeing him waste his life on a game that gets repetitive after a few rounds, but he can’t seem to stop! All he does is play all day, sleep for a few hours, play again.

Anyway… just be careful that you don’t spend all of your time on BF3.

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