Photos from 4am bike ride

I had a few beers, then got tired of drinking, and wanted to go for a short bike ride to a nice spot out in the country where i like to relax and smoke a cigarillo.

Ended up being super nice and relaxing, i love this ebike so much. I ended up riding about 15 miles last night, and was much better than drinking.

It was pitch black out, with some moonlight, and its amazing that iPhone is even able to capture photos, and lighten them up so that it looks much lighter than it was.

here are some of the photos from the ride. Also used some AI to enhance the pictures even more.

to show how dark it actually was, you can’t even see these goats in this video:

Goats with the iphone enhanced night time picture:

no idea how iphone does it, but its amazing. only thing i hate about the night time photos on the iphone are the light glares, literally every light glares on the camera lends and makes a light spot. very annoying.

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