Good Ride

Had a pretty good and interesting ride the other day.

Had the day off from work, and wanted to go for a long ride on the bike. Also needed to pick up some protein powder, so I went to a town about 30 miles away.

The way to town was pretty nice, there were no issues. I could see small storm clouds behind me, but they weren’t very big and looked like they were going to pass next to me, which they did.

I noticed this field that reminded me of the windows XP wallpaper, so I tried to get a good photo of it:


Rain Cloud in the distance
Rain Cloud in the distance

On the way back is when the fun begun.

First, I ran into a cow that was just roaming around. It was just eating on the greens, and didn’t seem to mind me at all. He wasn’t scared, was just chilling.

Looked like it may have gotten out of the pasture next to where it was, but I couldn’t see any openings, and the gate was chained shut. I thought about helping it so that it wouldn’t get hit by a car going down the country dirt road by opening the gate and letting it inside. But, messing with other people’s property is a good way to get shot, and besides, i don’t know how to get a cow to move. Also would’ve sucked if more came out. So I decided to go on my way.

As I got to my bike and started riding, it randomly started hailing out of the blue. They weren’t huge hail stones, but large enough to hurt. I tried to take shelter in the tree line, but it didn’t do any good since it’s not quite spring yet, and the leaves of the tree’s haven’t grown in, so now shade! Thankfully the storm didn’t hailing didn’t last long.

As I got back to my bike, I looked back and could see the cow wondering down the road to me. I didn’t want it to get too far away from its pasture, because I was sure the farmer would come by and see that it was out eventually. So I made sure to get out of there so it couldn’t see me and follow me.

I could see storms getting larger in the distance. alot of lighting, and some rain. I wanted to make sure to get home before it got worse.

I was about 6 miles from home when my battery died, and the storm was getting super close. It was raining more, and the wind was getting stronger. I quickly got off the bike to change out batteries and then is when the rain started. I was on a dirt road, which easily changes to to thick mud, so I knew i had to get going before it was able to absorb alot of the rain water. I did pretty well, the tires did start picking up alot of dirt and throwing it, but it did alright. I was lucky that I left town when I did, because that storm only moved over me on its backside, so wasn’t it wasn’t that bad. The roads couple miles from my house were pretty dry and I didn’t have any issues.

I love the fun rides like that, where interesting things happen. You don’t really experience them when traveling in a car because you’re sheltered within it, and travel so fast that you miss everything.

Anyways, I hope the cow is fine!

here are some more photos from the ride:


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