Mouse and Me – Replacing Mouse is always sad

My Logitech G502 Hero seems to be dying, so decided to replace it, which seems to be the cause every other year with this particular mouse. Which is fine, because I love the model and it’s the only one I’ve used comfortably for years.
Anyways, the one I had for the past year or two developed and issue, which seems to often happen with these, which is the right mouse button forgets it’s pressed down or something, so it keeps snapping out of aiming in games, which is annoying. The mouse is only $50, which is easily replaceable, so oh well, just replace it. Although I am annoyed because the mouse is often $49 at walmart, u

My Logitech G502 Hero seems to be dying, so I decided to replace it. The right mouse button, which is the AIM DOWN SIGHT button in most games, seems to be having an issue not detecting that it’s being constantly pressed, so it’ll keep snapping me out and back in of aiming, which is very annoying in the games I play, which are mostly shooters. This issue seems to happen with this model of mouse after 2 years of use, which isn’t bad since its a nice mouse, and only around $50 from big box stores ($30 if you chose to order online and wait for it to arrive, I HATE WAITING), and is often on sale for less.

It’s my favorite mouse, so I don’t mind buying them, $50 for hundreds of hours of use isn’t bad. T

Anyways, RIP mouse.

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