Finally a pic of me as a baby!

For a very long time I’ve been wanting a picture of me as a baby, but i wasn’t sure if any existed.

in 1994 when i was 10 years old my family’s house caught on fire a few days after Christmas. All the family photos were destroyed.

A baby picture of yourself seems to be something very special.

A few months ago i obtained a box of old pictures that were my great grandmothers who passed away in 1995. Most of the pictures are of people that i don’t know. Some are of us when were were like 6 years old and older.

Today i decided to start scanning some of family to post on facebook. i came across this photo of my siblings and cousins.  My sister looks super young in it, and she’s like a year and a half older than me, so i thought it was from before i was born. So after i scanned it i decided to date it, and i looked on the back of the photo and it said 2-10-84, which i thought was interesting since i was born on feb 8th, two days earlier.

Then i looked even closer. For some reason, i always thought my brother was holding a doll or something, wasn’t too sure what it was, didn’t think it was a real baby at all. After looking closer, i realize it’s a baby, and it must be me, 2 days old.

So finally, i have a picture of me as a baby, and not even that, but as a new born :D Which is even cooler.

Nathan, Holidaye (cousins), Jason (brother), Jessica (sister)

Awesome Open-mouthed smile

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