damn that DayZ, and other stuff

I haven’t done much for the past few months, but play this damn game called DayZ. It’s basically an open world sandbox Survival game, where you have to defend yourself against Zombies, and other Survivors, while trying to survive as long as you can by collecting resources (food, health supplies, weapons, ammunition, shelter, etc).

I’m not too sure why I became so addicted to it, but i literally didn’t do much of anything, no music, no movies, and i called into work as much as i could, which is very rare for me to do over a video game. Usually I get bored easily playing video games, which does include my beloved Battlefield 3. I think its the very realistic and unlimited possibilities feel to the game. But after a few months you start to see how limited the game is. Plus the bugs and glitches get so damn annoying.

I even decided to set up my own server, which i did for a month, which was great until they released an update (1.7.7) which pretty much broke the game, and removed all the fun for me. They just made the Zombies act weird, removed all the fun guns and vehicles, and made the game much more harder with nonsense.

So, for now i decided to discontinue my server. I’ll probably put it back up once the game is fun to play again, if ever. Either way, i really needed a break from the game.

I haven’t really been up to much else besides that. Was catching up on the new season of Falling Skies, but the show is starting to get kinda silly and stupid. All of a sudden they discovery a big part of the country is still intact, and with people? Blah! (or at least this is what the previews seem to say was happening, which made me lose interest).

Oh yeah! I’ve caught up on a show called Chicago Fire, which is a pretty damn good show. Jesse Spencer’s American accent is shit, but the show itself is awesome. I’m a bit tired of the unrealistic bad cop crap though. I like the story of the firefighters, no need to include some of that police drama. Seems they’re making a dumb cop spin off of it now, so maybe the show can get back to being about fire fighters.

Oh! and the final season of Dexter starts soon! I’m excited to see what happens between Dexter and Hannah. The girl who plays Hannah is so damn beautiful.

I created a video of Dexter and Hannah’s love to my fav song “Running To the Edge Of The World” by Marilyn Manson, Not sure if i posted it yet, but You can check that out here:

I’m not too sure if i like the entire story line with Deb, i think she’s just going to go crazy anyways.

Back to real life…

Yesterday was the hottest day this Summer, or even year yet. Was about 105F degrees. And it seemed to randomly spawn a big storm, which was fast moving and had a gust front of 90mph wind, if not more. I was at work when all this hit, and i made this video recording of it:

I know the shakiness is annoying, and that big watermark is even more annoying, but what can you do? I phones are shit since they record sideways so it seems to pick up shakiness more, and i’m sick of people who steal videos on youtube, so im putting huge watermarks on anything i do anymore, not saying they would want to steal any of my videos anyways, but yea.

Anyways, it was damn windy, and it knocked the power out for about 6 hours, which sucked because I was the only one at the store so i couldn’t leave :P, but it was fun.

I’ve been listening alot to Evanescence lately. I miss good music, and wish more people would make it.


I always say this, but i’m going to try to write alot more often. I never have much to say, or i do, i just dont care to say it, but meh, i should just say it.

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